Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lilian Ruth Thiessen

Matt and Michele did an amazing job of bringing this little angel into the world on December 9th, at 3:15 am! I was once again blessed to help with this delivery. No matter how many deliveries I am a part of every day at work, it is always such a miracle, and so amazing to be able to help with people who I know and love!
The only pictures I was able to get were pictures on my phone, but I wanted to put these up anyways!! She is so beautiful!! I can't wait for her to meet her little cousin in about 6 months!! I am excited they are going to be so close together!


Jackson Library Media Specialist said...

great pictures! thanks for sharing. i'm so glad you could be a part of this for m and m.
love you

Anonymous said...

Wow. An OB nurse who makes housecalls! What a gift you have been to M & M--they both describe you as "awesome". Thanks for helping bring Lili into the world. JT

Anonymous said...

This makes me so anxious for our little baby soon.
Grandma Butch